Apr/May 2006

e c l e c t i c a
r e v i e w s


Ann Skea reviews

The Tent
by Margaret Atwood

Miss Webster and Shérif
by Patricia Duncker

Gilbert Purdy reviews

The Portable Famine
by Rane Arroyo

by W.S. Merwin

Escape Artist
by Terry Blackhawk

The Lichtenberg Figures
by Ben Lerner

Martha G. Wiseman reviews

The Thin Place
by Kathryn Davis

Robert Gray reviews

Conversations with Mr. Prain
by Joan Taylor

Colleen Mondor reviews

The Dream Merchant, The Boy Who Ate Stars, and Pond Scum
by Various Authors

Picture Books!
by Various Authors

The Tequila Worm, Defining Dulcie, and A Higher Geometry
by Various Authors

Recent Books on Arctic Exploration
by Various Authors

Elizabeth Glixman interviews

Berwyn Moore


Dara Horn

Scott Malby provides

Five Quick and Dirty Lit Site Reviews

and reviews

An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas
by Diane Wilson


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