Eclectica Fiction

Displasia: Displacement, Display - Christine Allen-Yazzi
"I saw us two under a sandstone overhang. Our hands were empty and dry. I smelled water on rock. Flute music echoed into our cave. The god who would feed us had come to make his rounds. I looked at you, you looked past me, I left to find him faster. "

A Love Story in Three Scenes - Christine Allen-Yazzi
"She has not felt truly alone until this moment. Nightmares, movies, and true-life experiences have equipped her with the know-how to deal with the murderer hiding in the basement, the moving shadow on every street, the phone call in the night. But she doesn't know how to feel about space. "

Ways of Dreaming - Kevin McGowin
"Several ways to go about it, he says. Dreaming, that is."

Around the Bend - Kevin McGowin
"Anyway, it cried too much, and it was meddlesome. This is, I suppose, why I killed it."

Goddamn Watermelon - Ed Hamilton
"For some reason, beating this guy up made me quite popular with the other inmates. Some huge old guy, with tattoos and big sagging arms, came and put his arm around me: 'I like you, boy,' he said."

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