Eclectica Book Reviews


Reading in the Dark -- Seamus Deane
"This is a book about hauntings, and the haunted; about ghosts and superstitions rooted in Irish history; about family secrets, [and] family loyalties..."
Review by Ann Skea

The Church of Dead Girls -- Harriet Klausner
"Stephen Dobyns creates one of the best psychological chillers of the year..."
Review by Harriet Klausner

Close to Home -- Barbara Hall
"... an insightful look into the choices people make and how far they are willing to go to protect a family member."
Review by Harriet Klausner

Unnatural Exposure -- Patricia Cornwell
"This is simply a brilliant work by a writer who is at the acme of her talent."
Review by Harriet Klausner


New Writing 6 -- A.S. Byatt & Peter Porter (eds)
"In any case, this collection of new writing would quickly give the lie to the disastrous state of affairs claimed in Irwin's essay."
Review by Ann Skea

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