Batman & Robin

Review by Shaggy Bob

Don't you hate it when you miss something by that much? There I was, waitin' for a flick and the local news crew came over for an interview and I missed it by just a couple of feet. I could'a pitched Shaggy Bob's movie review and all but nooo. As the fates will have it, I couldn't grace the screens with my presence.

Speaking of personalities on the screen, Batman & Robin came out so I had to go check it out. It's the latest of the sequal featuring Batman, the DC Comic's hero. And yes, there are villains running mock, creating chaos and trying to end the world as we know it. And yes, Batman and his fellow heroes saves the day. And if you noticed it sounds like the last Batman movie, that's because it was.

No nakkid boobs. Dozen bullets. 5 dead bodies. 27 on the vomit meter. 2 armored moon shots. What we got here are: car-fu, motorcycle-fu, Arnold with external armor-fu, crashing through the ceiling-fu, attack of killer hocky team-fu, ultimate hockey puck-fu, rocket-fu, wind surfing from hell-fu, secret CD-fu, attack of killer green slime-fu, mother earth-fu, telescope-fu, auction-fu, monkey suit-fu, attack of killer bathhouse-fu, and of course, super seroid-fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to: Vendela K. Thommessen for saying stuff like "I love you", and to Chris O'Donnell for saying stuff like "I wanna a car", and to George Clooney for saying stuff like "She wants to kill you, Dick", and to Uma Thurman for saying stuff like "I'm a one waman show". And to Arnold Schwarzenegger for saying stuff like "I'm Adam, you are Evil", and to Alicia Silverstone for saying stuff like "I kicked her botanic butt", and to Jeep Swenson for grunting a lot and saying "ERRR", and to Elle McPherson for saying stuff like "I can't wait forever", and of course to Michael Gough for saying stuff like "We'll need a bigger cave." Three stars. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoiler! Yup, you guessed it. It's a repeat of the last one. So the stars are cuter but there's no real time to get any real attachement to anything or anyone. It moves like a comic book so you never have any time to get bored. Of course you lose out on the acting and dialog but then I don't think you misssed too much from some of the actors. And no, there's no real plot to get in the way of the action sequences. If you're waiting for the phone call from Vendela, don't worry about it. You can go see the movie and you can see her sitting there looking pretty.

Alien Alert! What's this compromise with tobacco industries all about? I mean shouldn't niccotine be treated as an addictive drug since that's what it is? Is there any other arguments? Oh, I guess if you tax something, then it's ok wasn't it? Hey, I'm learnin'.

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