Men in Black

Review by Shaggy Bob

There I was chillin' and what do I see? All these strugglers trying to get into the elevator I'm in. I mean here I was, ready to go and people were still trying to get into the elevator car. And what's really bad is that once one struggler comes on board, the delay allows another one to show up. What exactly is the proper etiquette when it comes to how long you're supposed to hold the door for 'em slow pokes? And if you magage to close the door on their face, can you laugh and say "move faster next time"?

Speaking of having no directions, MEN IN BLACK came out so I had to go check it out. It's about these people who doesn't officially exist who keep space alien population in check on planet earth. Of course no one else can know about them or else they'll have a massive panic in their hands. And yes, there's yet another threat of planetary scale and the heroes saves the planet.

No nakkid boobs. 68 bullets. Three and a half dead bodies. 54 on the vomit meter. No moon shots. What we got here are: dragon fly-fu, illegal aliens from hell-fu, attack of killer slime-fu, red flash- fu, attack of killer donut waist-fu, wanna be spiderman-fu, free fall- fu, Rolex-fu, more red flash-fu, jar head-fu, books too hard for little girls-fu, attack of killer noisy cricket-fu, and of course flying saucer- fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to Lina Fiorentino for saying stuff like "I have something to show you" and to Tommy Lee Jones for saying stuff like "we're from FBI and we have no sense of humor, at least those we're aware of" and to Will Smith for saying stuff like "but I make it look cool". Two and a quarter stars. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoilers -- If saw the long version of the trailer, you pretty much saw the movie. Ok, you didn't get the twist about Orion's belt deal but most of the cool effect scenes were in the trailer. No plot to get in the way of story line about dudes protecting earth from the space aliens. The aliens are here and no one knows about it because their technology allows them to blend in, especially in Manhattan. Well, who can tell there? If you're waiting for the phone call from Laurie Holden and if she has your number, I'd consider waiting until it comes out on the video.

Alien Alert! Did ya see the pics from Mars? And the goverment want to slash funding to research. Any society that does not invest into expansion of knowledge and their research is doomed to stagnate and collapse. So there are bound to be some set backs but those that does succeed will make it worth while.

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