About Valentine Michael Smith

I'm a fifty year old grad student at the University of Missouri-KC, in the Interdisciplinary doctorate program, focussing on Russian politics and history. I have been married twice, and have been separated from my second wife for thirty months. I have five children, four sons and a daughter. I have worked in politics, including two Presidential campaigns), unions, civil rights, libraries, and heavy to light construction work. I read 280 books a year, and have since I was 21, and write prolifically. I have been to Russia twice, and have widely travelled in the United States. I have had photographs published, but consider myself only a gifted amateur at photography. I also have written for SF fanzines, been published in chapbooks several times, and love writing more than eating, but not as much as sex.

"Valentine Michael Smith" is a pseudonym, and I have used it for eight years online because I like it, and find it gives me a small amount of privacy though many people know who I "really" am. If I'm asked, I always am willing to answer the question of who am I actually.

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