About These Stories

Jessica Anya Blau

"Lipstick" and "East Coast" are both chapters from my novel One-Foot Deal. The novel is narrated by "Jessie" who looks back on a summer in her youth when her family seemed to fall apart. Jessie's sister develops anorexia, she fears that her mother is a nymphomaniac, her grandmother is a kleptomaniac, and her father seems slightly oblivious to it all. The novel is with The Ellen Levine Agency in New York--they are looking for a publisher.

"Baby" is a story that I wrote recently while working on my novel-in-progress, Navigating Rape. Like most (or all) writers, I have intense periods of doubt and self-loathing (in regards to what I'm writing). It was during one of those periods that I wrote "Baby". I decided that when I couldn't work on the novel, I must utilize my writing time anyway--it turned out that there were enough of those "bad-novel-writing" days for me to complete a couple of short stories.


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