Air Force One

Review by Shaggy Bob

Don't you just hate it when your favorite morning personality goes off the air just because the station changes the format? I mean what were the management thinking when the morning show went from the bottom to 4th in 3 years and she was well on to 1st spot? Now, I have to find purpose to my morning.

Speaking of desperate act, AIR FORCE ONE came out so I had to go check it out. It's about a terrorist group highjacking Air Force One on its way back from Moscow. Of course the president is in the plane. And this president can kick butt. Yup, it's a cross between Die Hard and Speed rolled into one.

No nakkid boobs. 234 bullets. 3 doz dead bodies. 42 on the vomit meter. No moon shots. What we got here are: Russian-fu, speech of all speeches-fu, taped ball game from hell-fu, attack of killer media-fu, traitor amongst the midst-fu, vice president from hell-fu, missile-fu, crank call-fu, future postmaster-fu, and of course neck snapping-fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to Gary Oldman for saying stuff like "Your Secretary of State was a good negotiator -- he just bought you another half an hour" and to Dean Stockwell for saying stuff like "I'm in charge now" and to Harrison Ford for saying stuff like "Get off my plane" and of course to Glenn Close for saying stuff like "Get a copy of constitution." Three stars. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoilers -- An anti terrorist speech was made in Moscow and on his way back, Air Force One gets highjacked. And although the president was supposed to get ejected in the capsule, he remains on board an pretends to become Bruce Willis / Steven Segal / Keanu Reeves and start kicking butt. Ok, he's not quite that rediculous but you gotta give the guy a credit for his courage and doing what is right. I just wish real president had balls like that. If you're waiting for a phone call from Nadine Chanz, take the pager with you. I highly doubt she's going to call and you don't want to miss this one out on

Alien Alert! Berzerkeley finally became the ultimate PC town. Because all of the major oil companies are doing something that can be offensive to some people, the city of Berkeley is going to run out of fuel to use. I think it's the ultimate irony. I hope this will shed light to some misguided souls.the big screen.

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