Review by Shaggy Bob

The beacon of bright light was extinguished. Yes, I'm talking about the tragic accident of Princess Diana. I believe condolances from everyone on the planet are appropriate to the friends and families of Diana. My only hope is that we, as the people, will learn from this and will force the social changes which are long over due.

Speaking of fairly tale going south, MIMIC came out so I had to go check it out. It's about this bug that has been genetically altered going wild. And yes, we're dealing with deadly killer running loose in the undergrounds of New York. And yes, humanity does survive through the incredible feats of the characters.

No nakkid boobs. 32 bullets. 9 dead bodies. 31 on the vomit meter. No moon shots. What we got here are: attack of killer diseases-fu, space suit for the bugs-fu, white paint-fu, bugs under camera-fu, ultimate roach-fu, attack of funny shoes-fu, relic from WWI-fu, attack of killer subway bathroom-fu, and of course attack killer drones-fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to: Jeremy Northam for saying stuff like "you have to stay" and to Charles S Dutton for saying stuff like "You can't be serious" and to Josh Brolin for saying stuff like "I can't go back" and to Mira Srvino for looking good with all the goop on her and for saying stuff like "we changed its DNA." Two stars. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoilers -- The roaches are spreading disease. And we all know how tough they are to kill; so, Mira's character comes up with gentically engineered bug to kill the roaches. And guess what? Yup, they spread and mutated more and now started to threaten the human population. So, they have to go on the bug hunt in its nest. And yes, it does go in the way of Thor ala Murlocks if you recall that story from Marvel.

If you're waiting for a phone call from Terri Lynn Doss, and you are certain that she was sincere when she said she'll call you, I might consider staying by the phone. But is she doesn't even know you exist, well, you make the choice.

Alien Alert! Everyone knows that I have never been a fan of people who leech off the taxers' money but Princess Diana was doing some good with the publicity she attracted. My question then becomes where do you draw the line between reporting the news versus creating the news by chasing people? If you chase someone on a motorcycle and they try to get away, and if you further compound the problem by pursing, are you not guilty of murder since they would not be otherwise go on high speed manuever? Since the chase was intensional, would it not be murder of first degree?

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