Words Of Our Time

Words of Our Time

And have our tongues always not known what they speak?
	Good students, smart as whips, always
	hitting the books before killing the lights

Armed with knowledge, and struck by new ideas, who wasn't
	proud to take stabs at it,
		firing off questions like shots in the dark.

Dead right, dead wrong,
there was always a time we could talk without thinking of
	dressing to kill.  Drowing our sorrows.

Parties were blasts, or they bombed.
No joke was ever caught dead without
	its punch line.

And here is a time when a president says
	we still have a shot at peace
		and the surest way to peace is through war

When the media says
	fire that kills you is friendly
 	when it's from your own side

When those who say
	they want the troops to stay alive
	are told they don't support them

In this time when words
can make any war just
		and peace, a smashing success

In this time, words
like feathers
	knock some of us over

And some of us stand

Originally published in Many Mountains Moving

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