Randy Money

I was born in August of 1956, and three months later adopted by William and Ethel Money. They were both in their 50s which, I suppose, means they were old enough to know better.

At five years old I began attending school in a little brick school house. It wasn't red brick, though; it was more of a diarhetic tan. It's been an interior decorator's shop for over thirty years, now. I have no idea what that means but I keep trying to find a creative explanation.

I progressed through school at the usual rate, the one thing really distinguishing me from most of the other students was that I read constantly. In my senior year of high school, wanting time with a couple of friends, I joined them in a creative writing class. The teacher not only encouraged my writing, I found that I enjoyed writing stories and the occasional, inept poem as well. Naturally, then, when I went to college, I majored in Computer Science at Onondaga Community College. After two years, I acquired an Associate's degree and the feeling that I'd made a wrong turn. Transferring my credits to Syracuse University, I received a Bachelor's degree in newspaper journalism. I was certain of the direction my life should now take, expecting no less than a Pulitzer before my mid-20s. I surprised myself greatly when I jumped on the first available job and became an assistant at E. S. Bird Library at S. U., where I've now worked for eighteen years. My job entails writing documentation and teaching staff members how to use the networked computer applications available to them.

Devin is now six, and her and I and my wife, Sharon, live in obscurity in Syracuse, N. Y.


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