C. K. Tower


In the Genus Nymphaea
(for MJI)

“In search of my mother’s garden I found my own.”
-Alice Walker


She holds within her the secrets of white lotus. I consider
her smooth gestures, each a graceful unfolding. But I am
a mere observer to such easy splendor, can only
half imagine such delicacies. They unfold from between
her every phrase...words bearing seeded messages. She knows
I have no patience for cultivating my unkempt garden,
yet she endures each misplaced stone I thrown along the path.


A small yellow weed bent over on a coarse stem, dreaming
of Egypt and night-blooming bouquets, is domesticated...
welcomed inside a mystery. A sister-daughter in opaline wonder,
trusted with the divine fragrance of women and flowers.


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