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Mixed Genre

Travels with Virginia Woolf
"I still can't say that I would choose Virginia as a travelling companion, nor do I consider her a genius. But I do admire her flair and the determination she showed, as a writer, to work at and perfect her skills... "
Jan Morris's book reviewed by Ann Skea


A Hack's Progress
"A Hack's Progress is the work of an expert journalist who learned his craft the hard way."
Phillip Knightly's book reviewed by Ann Skea


A Patrimony of Fishes
"A Patrimony of Fishes is populated with stories that you will read once with exhilaration and then, later, a second time with thoughtfulness."
Doug Lawson's collection of short fiction reviewed by Chris Lott

"In 1932, Helen Shellenbach's grip on reality is very loose, to say the least."
Andrew Coburn's novel reviewed by Harriet Klausner

Dreaming of the Bones
"Deborah Crombie has a well deserved reputation for her Kincaid series. However, her latest entry, Dreaming of the Bones, clearly tops her already superior work "
Deborah Crombie's latest novel reviewed by Harriet Klausner

"Even after completing the novel, its impact lingers as readers reaffirm that politicians should never be only judged at face value. "
Gregory MacGregor's new novel reviewed by Harriet Klausner

Reign in Hell
"Primal Fear was a brilliant thriller that most readers considered to be William Diehl's best novel and impossible to top. Reign in Hell, shockingly, is even better. "
William Diehl's novel reviewed by Harriet Klausner

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