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I like this Parker Stevens guy, asking for $75k per month alimony from Kristie Alley because he's accustomed to certain life style. If he was a woman, we would have got half of everything Kristie had but I guess we'll just have to settle with $75k per mo. The next guy should be able to get half though. That's only fair.

Speaking of good intention going astray, GATTACA came out so I had to go check it out. It's about this normal guy in genetically segregated world where normal meant inferior. It's about his determination to beat the system. And you know what? The moral that is portrayed is that of determination and the will overcoming that from genetic coding. And no, I have no clue what GATTACA codes for.

No nakkid boobs. No bullets. One dead body. 44 on the vomit meter. One moon shot. What we got here are: sterile non-cubicle office-fu, industrial strength vacuum cleaner-fu, non-sterile condition placed on purpose-fu, flashback from hell-fu, ultimate sibling rivalry-fu, attack of dedication-fu, bloody fingerprint-fu, urine sample-fu, and of course under class-fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to Uma Thurman for saying stuff like "If you're still interested" and to Ethan Hawke for saying stuff like "Today is the last day you'll be you and I'll be me", and to Jude Law for saying stuff like "We must get drunk immediately." Two and one quarter stars. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoilers -- Orwellian world portrayed in this flick is actually pretty cool. They can sort out essentially all the genetic diseases and it looks like a really good thing. Of course one thing genes cannot give you is the dedication. And that's where genes don't make a person. But now that they've created this world, they don't have to reintroduce it in the sequel if there ever will be one.

Alien Alert! What's this about airline pilot getting $900k just because other pilots left Playboy in the cockpit? Why are we rewarding these people ridiculous amounts of money? If anything, court cost and nominal amount should go to the plaintiff and the rest should go to the charity that works in that area.

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