L. A. Confidential

movie review by Shaggy Bob

Have you ever had people come up to you and start talking about something of which you had no idea what they were talking about because they started the conversation in the middle and you have no idea what the subject of the talk is referring to? And the funny thing is, all you have to say is "yeah, uh-huh, sure" and they'll keep talking as if you knew what they were talking about. Don't you just hate that?

Speaking of not giving you any breath, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL came out so I had to go check it out. It's a copy story that takes place in the 50's. It's about LA cops who didn't want to tarnish their image (like that's really going to happen). And believe it or not, it's "who done it" story that flows with the investigation of the characters.

Two nakkid boobs. 4 doz bullets. A score of dead bodies. 54 on the vomit meter. No moon shots. What we got here are: TV show- fu, attack of killer moral majority-fu, ol' repeat-fu, attack of killer tabloids-fu, police brutality-fu, internal affairs-politics-fu, losing glasses-fu, Christmas cheer-fu, nose job-fu, scapegoat-fu, and of course shotgun eddie-fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to Russel Crowe for saying stuff like "You'll need a second hero", to Kim Basinger for saying stuff like "It's practically stamped on your forehead" and to Danny DeVito for saying stuff like "You'll need to learn how to pull your punches". And of course to Guy Pearce for saying stuff like "I'm not smart enough" and to Kevin Spacey for saying stuff like "Just don't shoot me". Two and a quarter stars. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoiler -- This flick is a copy story which keeps adding the plot twists to the story as the investigation unfolds. And it may keep you guessing until the end where everyone starts dying so there just aren't too many people left. But by then, they tell you who the bad guy is so you know who's going to win the show down at the end. Oh, and do keep the names of the character straight -- it'll help. If you're waiting for the phone call from Kimberly Donley, and if you're sure she has your number, maybe I might consider waiting for the phone call. But then if she doesn't know you exist, might as well spend some time outside your home.

Alien Alert! I know I can be bit slow at times but what's this thing about giving illegal aliens time to stay if they paid their fee? Isn't the whole concept of illegal immigrants being illegal based on the fact that they entered the country illegally? And why are we giving them the opportunity to become a citizen if they knowingly committed a crime? I just don't get it.

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