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Gerald O'Connell

More of Myself
More of Myself - Graphite - 1994

Born in London, Gerald O’Connell holds degrees in Economics from Cambridge University and in Philosophy from the University of London.

He has worked in the field of New Media and Communications since 1984, combining this with various artistic activities in music, film and painting.

His work is instinctively eclectic and deliberately diverse, spanning a wide variety of traditional and digital media and often combining the two in complex iterative processes. A broad representation of his work can be seen at the Kurai Hoshi Gallery website he has operated since April 1997. His major preoccupation as an artist is to transcend the limitations imposed by socio-cultural assumptions and heritage, while retaining the technical armoury bequeathed by them. This quest is occasioned by a desire to build a clarity of vision that combines the intuition of innocence with the strength of knowledge. He is currently engaged in two long-term projects:

His work is in private collections in Japan, New Zealand, France, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Great Britain and the United States.

A current preoccupation is the Rnaissance 2001 project which aims to create a single, gigantic, global art festival via the Internet:

" The Renaissance 2001 project is the first art project to take account of the fact that the Internet is the most important and powerful step forward in human communications since the invention of the printing press. The artists involved in it are creating a new kind of Arts Community where cultural and geographical distance are dissolved and rendered meaningless. The implications of this for the established critical, academic and economic structures of the art world will be shattering....."

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