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Literary Fiction

Finbar's Hotel
"A book written by a committee sounds like a recipe for disaster. And if the committee is made up of an individualistic bunch of Irish authors, what then?"
Review by Ann Skea

Hallucinating Foucault
"Duncker writes for an educated reader and her characters are clever and challenging but not always completely human."
Patricia Duncker's book reviewed by Ann Skea

"Secrets is a fine antidote to stark and sterile materialism. It offers a little gossip, a little enchantment, a few philosophical puzzles and a satisfying revelation of good, Australian writing."
Review by Ann Skea

The Drowner
"Robert Drewe's central metaphor in this book is water and he controls every aspect of it with the artistry and skill of a true drowner."
Robert Drewe's book reviewed by Ann Skea


In Full View
"Lily Brett is a fine writer but her work is often painfully revealing."
Review by Ann Skea


Who On Earth is Tom Baker?
"Had he told more, and brought more of the skill and energy he shows in the early chapters to the chapters on Dr.Who, this would have been a much better book."
Review by Ann Skea


The Daily Telegraph Second Book of Obituaries: Heroes and Adventurers
"Apart from Hugh Massingberd's wonderful compilation of anecdotes in his introduction, this book is far less funny than the first Daily Telegraph Collection of Obituaries"
Hugh Massingberd's volume reviewed by Ann Skea


Noirotica 2: Pulp Friction
"Pulp Friction is an entertaining collection in its own right..."
Review by Chris Lott


Given the Crime
"Because of this refreshing tongue-in-cheek approach, Rudman and Dennis make a welcome addition to the legal procedural sub-genre."
Ann Beame Rudman and Charles Dennis' book reviewed by Harriet Klausner

Judging Time
"Fans of this series will especially enjoy Judging Time because it is clearly the best novel to date."
Leslie Glass' book reviewed by Harriet Klausner

One Must Wait
"One must be patient with One Must Wait because the novel starts very slow, but once it clears that first incline, it becomes a runaway roller coaster ride"
Penny Micklebury's book reviewed by Harriet Klausner

Over the Line
"Fay Sultan and Teresa Kennedy have created a very dynamic, complex, and memorable work that examines the flaws in the judicial system when it comes to dealing with the mentally ill."
Review by Harriet Klausner

Shelter From the Storm
"The fourth book in the “Tubby” series is by far the best of a very good collection."
Tony Dunbar's book reviewed by Harriet Klausner

Suspicion of Deceit
"Suspicion of Deceit is Barbara Parker’s best work in a string of bestsellers."
Review by Harriet Klausner

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