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movie review by Shaggy Bob

There I was, chillin' as usual and what do I see? I saw people pushing elevator buttons even after it's been pressed. I mean it's clearly lit up and indicated that it was pushed. But people then come up to the button and have to push it. Like if it's going to make the elevator move any faster. Go figure.

Don't you hate it when some store advertise something but yet when you get there, they don't have it? Do they even have such items? And of course when you get there, it was such a hassle that you have to get something else. Just the other day, I had to go to 4 different Burger Kings just to get the toy I wanted.

Speaking of delivery of different things, ANASTASIA came out so I had to go check it out. It's about this princess whose family was killed off and then she suffering from amnesia. She pretended to be a loyalty to get the reward money but she turned out to the real McCoy.

No nakkid boobs. No bullets. One dead body. 41 on the vomit meter. No moon shots. What we got here are: Dancing pair-fu, flat egg with sunroof-fu, attack of degenerate-fu, curse from hell-fu, attack of the revolution-fu, breaking of the ice-fu, choo choo train- fu, scarf in the pocket-fu, ultimate sign from the heavens-fu, wasted hall space-fu, tapestry-fu, ultimate nightmare-fu, choo choo train ride from hell-fu, and of course the egg-fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to Meg Ryan as the voice of Anastasia for sayin' stuff like "I think I'm getting dizzy", and to John Cusack as the voice of Dimitri for sayin' stuff like "I know, men are wimps", and to Christopher Lloyd as the voice of evil sorcerer Rasputin for saying stuff like "I gave my soul for that", and to Angela Lansbury as the voice of the Grand Duchess Marie for saying stuff like "No, it's only the beginning". Of course to Kelsey Grammer as the voice of Vladimir for sayin' stuff like "We must tell her", and to Hank Azaria is Bartok, an albino bat "Forget the girl." Three stars. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoilers -- It's another one of the Disney's animation. And you know what? The art is getting better with every one of them. We are no longer dealing with still background with just moving characters but the whole thing was constantly on the move. The train sequence was, well, great. And the story line kept you going. Ok, so the really young might get disburbed at the end and most of the kids might miss some of the humor. Big deal. It's entertaining to all.

If Ingrid Seynhaeve calls you up for a date. Go take her to this one.

Alien Alert! Did ya year about Alan Hall guy who supposedly picked up "Bridget" at a gas station and make the whoopie only to have her cut it off? He said it was due to vengeance factor about him killin' some woman few years back but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Well, as it turned out, this woman never existed and he cut off his own member. This guy may be suffering from some guilt trip or something but in any event requires to work the issues out seriously. Of course bullet and head comes to mind.

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