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Starship Troopers

movie review by Shaggy Bob

Women are really from Venus. Who else would go goo goo over someone else's vacation photos? I mean there's no way a sane person couldtruely appreciate about someone else's trip to somewhere that they were never part of. And to top it off, their mug is almost always in the pic for some reason. Let's face it -- if you din't experience it, you can't fully appreciate it. Let alone have similar impact.

Speaking of being there, Starship Trooperscame out and I had to go check it out. It's about humans going on bug hunt. No plot to get in the way of story line -- us or them. Of course the characters in the flick could be asking "why am I here" since being a citizen means certain demise.

Dozen nakkid boobs. Million bullets. 100,000+ dead bodies. 75 on the vomit meter. A half a dozen moon shots. What we got here are: CNN at front line-fu, etch-a-sketch from the future-fu, sociology propaganda-fu, vacation from hell-fu, attack of killer nurf footabll- fu, prom with gate crashers-fu, 35 percentile-fu, community bathroom-fu, ultimate dear John letter-fu, and of course tilting coffee cup-fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to Michael Ironside for saying stuff like "Don't let a good thing pass you by", and to Casper Van Dien for saying stuff like "I know, I got the job until I die or until you find somone better", and to Dina Myer for saying stuff like "At least I got to have you", and to Denise Richards for saying stuff like "I thought you were dead", and of course to Jake Busey for saying stuff like "Neah, I'm just here to kill." And of course Patrick "doogie houser" Harris for saying stuff like "Come on, concentrate." Three stars. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoilers -- It's an effect movie. Actually, it's a gore flick with effects. Lots of dead bodies. Obligatory shower scene. And no, you won't get confused on the plot either. You have sort'a the main character who's involved in the love triangle but pretty much everyone else keep dropping like flies. If you are waiting for the phone call from Dawn Radenbaugh, take the cell phone with you. You can always answer the phone once you get out of the theatre 'cause you won't be able to hear anything and you won't miss too much if you're gone for just a minute.

Alien Alert! Did ya hear about the guy who got manslaughter for shooting a thief? Now, the relatives of the dead thief is crying racism even though almost half of the jury was minority. Why do people make big stink after their rotten kid receive what they deserve? Are they just after the 5min fame and the money? If they truely do care, why didn't they raise their kid better?

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