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The Jackal

movie review by Shaggy Bob

There I was, chillin' as usual and what do I get? Traffic sound from my car stereo. I just hate that. I could never tell if it's from real noise outside or just from the radio. Whose big idea is it to put that kind of sound in commericals anyway? Don't tell me, one of those types who's on the car phone while driving and causes all kinds of accidents.

Speaking of pointless, The Jackal, came out and I had to go check it out. It's about this assassin trying to kill someone and joint effort of KVD and FBI trying to stop him. Of course this assassin can change identities, and wants to make a statement. And yes, the good guys do win this time too.

No Nakkid Boobs. 4 doz bullets. 8 dead bodies. 43 on the vomit meter. Half of a moon shot. What we got here are: cigarette-fu, attack of call girls from hell-fu, bullet to the head without brain asplatter-fu, axe from hell-fu, shredder-fu, shadow boxing-fu, identiy crisis-fu, attack of killer ex-girlfriend-fu, and of course case of spent uranium rounds-fu. Video Hall of Fame nominations to Bruce Willis for saying stuff like "You could never protect your women", and to Richard Gere for saying stuff like "I'm wee bit out of practice, that's all", and to Sidney Poitier for saying stuff like "I tapped everyone's phone", and of course to Diane Venora for saying stuff like "My first name is Major." One and three quarter star. Shaggy Bob says wicked!

Spoiler -- Russian mafia's a-hole gets blown away during his struggle with KVD officer. Now the misinformed mofia declares war. And Bruce is just the man do it. And yes, he will make it high profile. That's why he's getting paid the big bucks. But only person who knows Bruce's face is this loony played by Richard.. Now the chase is on. And yes, the good guy does win again. If you're waiting for that phone call from Shannon Whirry, maybe it would be worth it if you stayed by the phone. Thst's if she has your number.

Alien Alert! Did ya hear about the British nanny case? Now, I didn't hear any evidence so I can't make a good comment on decision the jury made but there is one thing that really bothers me. The judge overturned the 2nd deg murder to a slap on the wrist. What's the use of having trial by jury if a judge could and would overturn jury's decision? Why bother if the jury's decision is so meaningless?

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