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Reviews by Ann Skea, Allen Gaborro, Charlie Dickinson, Harriet Klausner

Ann Skea reviews:

A Boy & His Uncle
"If you like magical realism and a sharp, dry humour, then this could be a book for you."
Anne Kennedy

Germaine Greer, Untamed Shrew
"Christine Wallace’s book paints a vivid picture of a flamboyant personality and it gives a fair analysis of Greer’s contribution to feminist debate."
Christine Wallace

Isaac Newton: The Last Sorceror
"Far from showing Isaac Newton to be "the last sorcerer" of the subtitle, this book adds little to what is already well known about him."
Michael White

Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition: 1914-1915
"Caroline Alexander's restoration of Mrs Chippy's journal gives us a unique record of a remarkable expedition. The stranded men were eventually rescued after Shackleton and five others sailed for sixteen days, 800 miles across open sea..."
Caroline Alexander

Phone Me at Nine Just to Say You Are Alive
"Linda Hart writes well and her sense of humour keeps a fine balance in this book between pain and laughter."
Linda Hart

Allen Gaborro reviews:

Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings
"Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings ... runs against that scholarly tendency as it de-emphasizes the distinctions between Christianity and Buddhism and discerns a remarkable similitude in their teachings."
Marcus Borg

Charlie Dickinson reviews:

The Redneck Manifesto
"The Redneck Manifesto is no joke. Many otherwise educated, socially tolerant Americans might laugh at this book's title. That is precisely Jim Goad's point..."
Jim Goad

Harriet Klausner reviews:

Blind Descent
"The lyrical writing that makes up Blind Descent turns the brilliant mystery into a lyrical work of art that will endure..."
Nevada Barr

Brunswick Gardens
"The eighteenth Thomas Pitt, late Victorian mystery is a fascinating novel that will be thoroughly enjoyed by fans of the series as well most historical fiction readers."
Anne Perry

Evidence of Blood
"This reprint of a 1991 release has not lost any of its emotional power or mental punch in the exceeding years. "
Thomas H. Cook

"The fourth Thorne mystery, Foolproof is filled with interesting characters"
Dianne Pugh

The Hunt Club
"Though the villains occasionally provide Shakespearean soliloquies that seem out of place here, Mr. Lott provides the audience with a top rate suspense novel that is worth reading. "
Bret Lott

"Kalimamtaan is an interesting work of historical fiction based on a real event from the early days of Queen Victoria's reign."
C. S. Godshalk

The Last Best Hope
"Ed McBain, recognized as one of the all time greats, has written is best novel in several years..."
Ed McBain

The Silent Cradle
"The Silent Cradle is an intriguing medical thriller whose characters need CPR to turn them from caricatures to people."
Margaret Cuthbert

The Stalking Horse
"The background scenes of Lincoln's presidential ascendancy comes out of the pages of the history books and adds a genuine wallop to a tremendous thriller."
Miriam Grace Manfredo

Vampire Bytes
"Linda Grant has scribed a very intriguing Catherine Sayler mystery that will have fans wanting more tales starring the intrepid sleuth. "
Linda Grant

What's a Woman Gotta Do
"Evelyn Coleman has captured the essence of a black woman's soul with her first adult novel..."
Evelyn Coleman

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