June/July 1998

The Itch

Benilde Little
Simon & Schuster, 1998 248pp
ISBN: 0-684-83834-6

review by Harriet Klausner

Abra and Cullen live the ideal life as they are both professionals, who seem to be deeply in love with each other. They are the envy of all their friends because of their perfect relationship. However, everything is not what it appears to be, even to Abra, who feels she is a partner in an ideal marriage. Cullen is having an affair with Cynthia. If Abra finds out that Cullen is cheating on her, she will be fully shattered.

Her single mother raised her on her own, while her biological father, married to someone else, occasionally visited them. This childhood scar, makes her desperately need Cullen in her life as she seeks to have some semblance of a father figure. When she does learn about his indiscretions, Abra hits rock bottom. Can Abra surmount her reinforced distrust of men to become a confident and complete woman, or is she destined to linger in misery?

The Itch is a tremendous ethnic relationship drama, starring a fantastic female protagonist, whose motives are quite understandable. The story line is intriguing and all the characters are very attractive and well-developed. Benilde Little fails to live up to her name as she shows a great amount of talent in scribing a novel that will be loved by fans, who enjoy a top rate drama.

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