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Book Reviews

June/July 1998

Reviews by Ann Skea, Mark Leeper and Harriet Klausner

Ann Skea reviews:

'So painful and so harrowing are the fragmentary memories Binjamin Wilkomirski reveals in this book that it is hard to recommend that anyone should read it.'
by Binjamin Wilkomirski

Red Shoes
'In Red Shoes, Carmel Bird has written a horribly fascinating story...'
by Carmel Bird

Sister Josephine
'This is a remarkable first novel...'
by Joanna Traynor

Theatre of Darkness
'The theme of exposure, and other themes linked to the social, cultural and sexual mores of the era in which the shipwreck happened are the basis of this novel...'
by Thomas Shapcott

Mark Leeper reviews:

Zero Minus Ten
' ...recently I saw that the mantle had been passed to a new writer, Raymond Benson, author of The James Bond Bedside Companion. His first James Bond novel is Zero Minus Ten.'
by Raymond Benson

Harriet Klausner reviews:

Death Wore a Fabulous New Fragrance
' Socially vacant people would take one look baby Binky van de Kamp and homosexual Doan McChandler and stereotype the pair as a drag queen and a fag.'
by Orland Outland

Eleven Hours
'Didi will regret her decision to go out for the rest of her life.'
by Paullina Simons

God Bless the Child
'This novel is a moving story filled with suspense and a maternal love that accepts even as it questions.'
by Ellen Feldman

The Itch
'The Itch is a tremendous ethnic relationship drama, starring a fantastic female protagonist'
by Benilde Little

Judas Child
'A priest and a psychiatrist share one trait in common: they will go to any lengths to protect the confidentiality and privacy of their clients. How far they should go is a question of moral debate, especially when the confessor is a pedophile serial killer.'
by Carol O'Connell

Serpent Gates
'Michael McGarrity is no longer a rising star... he has obviously arrived.'
by Michael McGarrity

Shadow Image
'Shadow Image is a great mixing of elements from the legal thriller with that from medical novels (a la Cook), a blend that makes this work one of the best books of the year.'
by Martin J. Smith

A Shoot On Martha's Vineyard
'The next time J.W. meets Lawrence, he finds the man dead. J.W. knows that he is prime suspect number one and in an election year, he could easily be swept away before the real killer is found.'
by Phillip R. Craig

Stray Kat Waltz
'Karen Wijewski has created her best Kat Colorado novel yet.'
by Karen Wijewski

The Violet Hour
'Reporter Nicky Stella thinks he is on to the story of the decade when he discovers the ties that bind five people together. He never dreams that the real perpetrator is setting him up to take the fall for being a serial killer.'
by Robert Montanari

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