Spotlight Author: June/July 1998

About Jim Rushton

I was born in Toronto in 1973, but left when I was only 2. My mom left my dad on a farm in Nova Scotia a couple years later and we moved around a lot. When I was 9 or 10 she remarried and we moved to Alberta. I went to school in Calgary for 7 years. I studied philosophy at the University of Victoria for a year and a half then dropped out. Since then I've been moving around even more... at first in Canada, but then abroad. I've done a few things for money. For about two years now I've been teaching English as a foreign language. It is not my calling. For the time being I live in a really depressing suburb of Bangkok with plans to leave quite soon.

As for those poems; they were all written in (or near) Mexico City with the exception of "how much I love life, how much I deny life" which was written when I was stuck in Calagay for a month or two a few years ago (I had no family there then, or now, or ever again I'm sure). The only comment I'd like to make is that the situation I was responding to in "give me spice, cymbal, and lyre" was a relationship with a language barrier. Her English was so-so and my Spanish was pathetic at the time. "I called you as soon as I came into town" was written in one of the Chinese restaurants just outside Metro Revolucion if that means anything to someone.

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