Oct/Nov 2002

e c l e c t i c a  
m i s c e l l a n y


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The Bazaar Side of Catholicism
Bazaars were just one of the many ways that my parish sheared the flock for some spare wool. "Passing the hat" is something every parish learns to master. You can't get two Catholics together without one of them passing the hat for the church secretary's new air conditioner.  
Robert F. Walsh


Hidden America
But in the nineteen years I've been working on this project, I have become more convinced that I was capturing something much larger than a collection of individual portraits. I was painting a picture of our times.  
A. Lebowski


Fallen From Grace: The Unreal Ideal
Although certain elements of the anima are gained from a man's perception of his mother, significant women throughout his life, and images of woman as the seductress and sorceress, the image of woman from mythology as the graceful maiden is a significant part of the anima which a man projects on to women in his life.  
Amanda Millay


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