Jan/Feb 2003

e c l e c t i c a  
m i s c e l l a n y


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Cultivating Science: More Than Cause, Effect
The marvels of science, according to Dawkins, are not just convictions; they stream, he reflects, richly in our psyche. Additionally, the tenets of scientific thought, Dawkins contends, are no less than an aesthetic experience. It is something like what competes with the mathematics of music or literature.  
Rajgopal Nidamboor


The War on Ignorance
Certainly the Bush Administration cannot be considered too stupid, no matter how accurate or inaccurate the portrayal of the President as a coke-snorting, alcoholic, reformed for Christ, simpleton-puppet-whose-strings-are-yanked-by-a-cynical-and-power-mad-camarilla...  
Jaap Stijl


Hidden America: Vermont
Here's the deal: All my work is done through the mail. Think of this as a commission and describe how you'd like to be drawn. It can be anything: a memory, a fantasy, a dream, whatever you please. Once I'm clear about what you want and why you want it, I'll do a drawing for you.  
A. Lebowski


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