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The Krenek Sestinas

poetry by Don Mager

Intro - I - II - III - IV - V - VI

Strike the keyboard lightly, the august masters wink
while fingers spell phrases, music only god hears.
Alone in mind’s closet, in judgment a man stands;
of course, time rushes past, the youngsters rudely shout
standing defiantly, “Are absolutes all crimes?
Do systems give us truth?” One cannot return home.

Strike the keyboard lightly. One cannot return home.
While fingers spell phrases, the august masters wink
alone in mind’s closet. Are absolutes all crimes?
Of course, time rushes past, music only god hears,
standing defiantly. The youngsters rudely shout:
Do systems give us truth? And in judgment man stands.

Strike the keyboard lightly. In judgment a man stands
while fingers spell phrases. One cannot return home
alone in mind’s closet. The youngsters rudely shout,
but of course, time rushes and august masters wink
standing defiantly. Music only god hears.
Do systems give us truth? Are absolutes all crimes?

Strike the keyboard lightly. Are absolutes all crimes?
While fingers spell phrases, in judgment a man stands
alone in mind’s closet--music only god hears--
of course, time rushes past. One cannot return home.
Standing defiantly the august masters wink.
“Do systems give us truth?” the youngsters rudely shout.

“Strike the keyboard lightly” the youngsters rudely shout
while fingers spell phrases. Are absolutes all crimes
alone in mind’s closet? The august masters wink
and of course, time rushes while in judgment man stands.
Standing defiantly, one cannot return home.
Do systems give us truth? Music only god hears.

Strike the keyboard lightly--music only god hears--
and while fingers spell phrases, youngsters rudely shout.
Alone in mind’s closet one cannot return home.
Of course, time rushes past. Are absolutes all crimes?
Standing defiantly in judgment a man stands.
Do systems give us truth while august masters wink?

The august masters wink, music only god hears.
In judgment a man stands while youngsters rudely shout.
If absolutes are crimes, one cannot return home.

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