Spotlight Author: June/July 1998

Hey Jeff Dykstra

by Jim Rushton

hey Jeff Dykstra
you and me
two Canadian blues artists
who can't sing

hey Jeff
do you know how I feel
right now
it's not important

me sitting on a bench
in a moneyed part
of Mexico City
after a rain

you in Calgary
poor bastard
can't even mention
your city in poems

especially not after
10 years
the bleak airport
a car ride into prairie

that poem you wrote
with James Dean in the
"rainy snake covered windows"
should be broadcast

I want to hear
it crawling
into grey rooms
of Vancouver & Victoria

other than that
it's time to lie down
and listen to the traffic
of 4 St. S.W.

how is tea
how is Helen
how is summer
do you pray

ah Jeff
if only I could feel
your kind fingers
combing my hair


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